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Weekend Warrior pain, Accident Recovery, Athletic Maintenance or any Acute or Chronic  issues.     

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Charles Bible / L.M.T. / M.M.P. / NASM CES R.R.C.A

Why Choose Me

Ive been involved with Endurance Sports for more than 30 years, as a competitor, Coach and Massage Therapist. Whatever pain or issue that you're having, I've probably had it myself and I know the difference between "normal" pain and an actual Injury. Sometimes you need someone in your corner just to listen and be a confidence boost because the mind and thought process can be a huge factor.

How I Can Help You

If you've been dealing with the same issue for months or you just noticed a new random pain, we can address it together and get you going in the right direction. Of course it's best to catch these early for a quick solution.  If it's a chronic issue, it may take a few sessions to deal with.  Either way, we will work as a team to decide the correct path for you.

See the Difference

 I use several different methods when working with someone and I dont charge by the method but instead by time. I use Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish Etc..

I also have a pretty good tool kit that includes Cupping Therapy and Gua-Sha, aka Chinese Scraping. Depending on the issue, I could use one or all of these.


Sports / Medical / Injury / Recovery: 30 Minutes of hands on time: $ 45 / 60 Minutes: $70

This is my main focus... Working with and helping the people who are in pain and want to get back to a normal, healthy life. Athletes, Accident Injury, Office workers with chronic " Desk Issues".. It doesnt matter who you are, living in pain sucks. I want to be an alternative to the ridiculous healthcare pricing system and offer my services at a price that is fair and affordable for everyone from the affluent to those under/uninsured.

Run Stride / Form Analysis: $60 ( Approximately 1 hour )

If you are in the Denver area, I will meet you at a local track of your choice, run a warmup run with you and then do a video analysis of you . We can then look at it together and discuss any issues or corrections to be made. I can teach you some drills for correct foot placement and other pre run drills. I will also take a photo of your smile after you get the gift of free speed! I will send the video to your phone for your future reference.

Swim Stroke Analysis: $60 ( Approximately 1 hour )

If you are in the Denver area, I will meet you at your local pool. After a brief warmup, I will stay on the deck and  walk along beside you shooting video. I get video from the side and from the ends of the pool so you can see your stroke from every angle. No pressure!  We can go over it together and then work on any issues or corrections.  I can also give you a few drills to make you more confident and efficient.  And of course, I'll send the video to you for future reference.

About me

Quick Bio


Certified and LIcensed Massage Therapist # MT.0019235 /  Certified Medical Massage Practitioner /  NASM Corrective Excercise Specialist / RRCA Run Coach /  Insured with A.B.M.P. / C.P.R.-First Aid Certified

I graduated from Utah Collge of Massage Therapy in 1998, I started running /  biking, both trail and road in 1986 and going strong ever since. Of course dealing with burnout every couple of decades and the occasional injury. I was heavy into Triathlon for several years, racing and coaching and slowly got into the Ultra distance Trail races and for the last few years, less racing and more just getting out and enjoying the mountains.

I'm married to an awesome, elite Trail runner named Jane, who I get to keep my skills sharp on a very regular basis and father of two scruffy nugget dogs and 1 little kitty. I love to laugh and enjoy my days. I try my best to do some good every day and helping people makes ME feel good!




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Appointment only, Locations in Golden and LoHi in Denver.  I can also do  mobile at your home or office.

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